Alicen Ragonese

Ali is a passionate vocalist who has been performing professionally with bands for the past 10 years. She holds a BM in Vocal Performance from Rowan University and an MM in Music Education from Temple University. Her performance experience ranges from classical music to contemporary pop and hip hop. Ali loves using her voice to connect with the audience, and can’t wait to party with you!

Nate Butler

Many of you remember Nate from the 2016 season of THE VOICE.  He was on Adam Levine’s team and advanced to the battle rounds. He joined The Exceptions wanting to enhance his craft and has added a tremendous presence to the band.  Nate’s sultry voice and entertaining is second to none,  and you can truly hear and feel the influence that our late Gary Briglio has had on him, adding even more soul and presence to an already captivating, soulful sound

Phil Valentino, Esq.

In addition to being the keyboard player and leader of the band, Phil is also a licensed attorney in both Pa. and NJ. He credits the band’s success and longevity to a simple formula – the band members are all passionate about music and LOVE what they’re doing! An interesting anecdote –  at age 15, Phil won the U.S. open accordion competition in NY and was invited to perform for the Queen of England! He chose to “pass” on the invite and played in a summer, basketball playoff game instead! A decision he regrets to this day (they lost the playoff game too!).

Al Demier

Al (Bass) is the newest member of the rhythm section and brings decades of experience to the band.  His fusion influences are evident and obvious in his bass playing and he plays for the music, all the time.  His versatility shines through night after night and he’s having the time of his life with The Exceptions!  

Stefan Hojnacki

Stefan (Guitar) is one of the most talented/versatile guitar players in the business! His ability to transition from rock to pop to funk and ballads is remarkable. Always moving and smiling, Stef clearly loves what he’s doing and it shows!

Chris Scamby

Chris Scamby (Drums) is a 25 year veteran drums/percussion teacher in the School District of Philadelphia.  He graduated the Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts in 1991 and Temple University with a dual degree in 1996.  He’s been playing drums professionally since he was 17 and is always on point with driving the band.  Just ask Phil!

John Andrelczyk

John ”A” (trombone) has been playing the trombone since childhood, and also dabbles on the bass and accordion.  His talent shines with the horn section and his impeccable dress style goes unmatched!  Come see John play, dance, sing, and entertain!

Bill Conn

Billa (Saxophone) also known as the life of the party can rarely be seen on the stage. Whether he is running around with people dancing, or jumping on top of the bar to jam out he is rarely stationary. Whenever Billa is not playing the sax you can catch him rapping and singing some songs that make the crowd go wild!

Dylan Anderson

Dylan (trumpet) has been in the Exceptions for almost 3 years and has been loving every moment of it.  He joined the band right after graduating from Rowan University at the age of 22.  He is the high voice of the horn section and is also known for jumping off stage to play in the crowd.  Like Billa, he’s a guy with endless energy for the music!

PJ Keiter

PJ (trumpet) is the newest and youngest member of the band, having joined this past June 2021, and is currently studying music business at New Jersey City University. He adds yet another layer of sound to the horn section and can also be heard singing a couple of tunes!