Phil Valentino, Esq.

In addition to being the keyboard player and leader of the band, Phil is also a licensed attorney in both Pa. and NJ. He credits the band’s success and longevity to a simple formula – the band members are all passionate about music and LOVE what they’re doing! An interesting anecdote –  at age 15, Phil won the U.S. open accordion competition in NY and was invited to perform for the Queen of England! He chose to “pass” on the invite and played in a summer, basketball playoff game instead! A decision he regrets to this day (they lost the playoff game too!).

Billy Trimble

Billy is the most tenured member of the band, spanning 4 decades now! Known for his unmistakable falsetto and limitless range, Bill covers everyone from Al Green, Michael Jackson, and Earth, Wind & Fire to Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran. He’s always in the crowd getting as many people as possible to sing along! 

Gary Briglio

Gary provides the “soul” in the band! His unmistakable vocals have been a major attraction and centerpiece in the band for over 3 decades now! He and Billy have been sharing center stage for well over 30 years now. From Joe Cocker to the Four Tops and Temptations, Gary is the epitome of “blue eyed soul”. The only things rivaling his captivating voice and stage presence are his mesmerizing dance moves. Often mimicked but never duplicated! 

Cathryn Manning

Cathryn Manning is the newest member of the band and excited to continue her music career with The Exceptions and we’re excited to play with her! More extensive bio coming soon.

Nate Butler

Many of you may remember Nate from the 2016 season of THE VOICE. He was on Adam Levine’s team and advanced to the battlerounds. His rich, soulful voice is captivating. Despite being the “baby” in the band, his ability is that of a seasoned veteran mastering his craft!

Don McNeil

Affectionately known as “King of the Irishmen”, Don has been layin’ it down for over 35 years now with the band! He and Chris (drummer) lock it in and keep the pulse steady and firm in the band. A highlight of nearly every Exceptions’ performance is Don’s vocal contribution in “Dance to the Music” – his dynamic bass voice always grabs the attention of the crowd and draws the biggest applause!

Stefan Hojnacki

The “Big One” is one of the most talented/versatile guitar players in the business! His ability to transition from rock to pop to funk and ballads is remarkable. Always moving and smiling, Stef clearly loves what he’s doing and it shows!

Chris Scamby

Chris Scamby is a 22 year veteran drums/percussion teacher in the School District of Philadelphia.  He graduated the Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts in 1991 and Temple University with a dual degree in 1996.  He’s been playing drums professionally since he was 17 and is Phil’s favorite drummer. He joined The Exceptions in 2000 and loves what he does.

John Andrelczyk

Bill Conn

Dylan Anderson

Dylan has played in wedding bands and also other productions for years before The Exceptions. Dylan’s played trumpet since elementary school and was in the Rowan University bands for the four years that he was there.